Booking form PDF DN5 (see NOTES below)
Booking - Terms and Conditions PDF DN5-A
Booking - Further Information PDF DN5-B
Charge Rate Structure PDF DN7
Booking - Hirer's Template Checklist PDF DN5-C
Booking - Welcome letter PDF DN5-D
Booking - COVID-19 Addendum PDF DN5-E
Re-opening Information Sheet PDF DN5-F.1
Annex to Re-opening Information Sheet PDF DN5-F.2
Fire Risk Assessment PDF DN8
Fire Assemble Point Location PDF DN8-A
Service Isolation Points PDF DN10
HSE Risk Assessment PDF DN9
HSE Guidance on Safe Use of Step-ladders PDF DN9-A
Hazard Assessment from O&M Manuals PDF DN9-B
COVID-19 General Risk Assessment PDF DN9-C      
A Food Handlers Kitchen Notice PDF DN20-A
Accident Report Form PDF DN14
Hirer's Comment Book PDF DN22
Current List of Trustees PDF DN2      


Operation and Maintenance Manuals 

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Please use only Adobe Acrobat to complete the Booking Form. Using other applications such as your browser may lead to problems completing the form or saving the data. You can tell whether or not you are using Adobe Acrobat as follow: Open the Booking Form and look at the top left corner of the window. If you see  or, on a MAC, Adobe Acrobat then you are using Adobe Acrobat and can be confident that the Booking Form will work correctly. If you see anything else, you are probably using your browser and not using Adobe Acrobat and may encounter problems. In this case, save the Booking Form PDF file to your PC/MAC/laptop then open the resulting PDF file with Adobe Acrobat. To do this, in your browser, click on File in the browser menu then Save as... and save the PDF file to a location on your PC/MAC/laptop. (For MAC users of Chrome, look for the Download icon in the popup toolbar just below the main toolbar.) Now locate the PDF file on your PC/MAC/laptop and, to be absolutely sure that you open the file with Adobe Acrobat, right-click on the filename and select Open with Adobe Acrobat or Open with... then select Adobe Acrobat. You should then be able to complete, save and email the Booking Form successfully.

Having problems opening or downloading our form or document? Please try the following:
Email and request that the Bookings Secretary emails you a copy of the Booking Form.
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